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Drainage Consultants in Barnet | Blockage Causes and Cures

In our role as plumbers and drainage consultants, we know how big a nuisance blocked drains can be to our customers and clients in the Barnet area. The good news is that catching a problem early through a visual inspection or a CCTV drain survey stops a small issue turning into a something more serious. Left unchecked, blockages lead to major leaks, overflows, electrical faults and, in a worst-case scenario, structural damage to the system.


Even in the event of structural damage, First Choice Drainage Solutions can arrest the issue with the installation of a drain lining. A quick response to such a major problem eliminates the need for excavation and the full replacement of damaged pipework sections.


Our plumbers and drainage consultants operate out of Harlow and cover Barnet on a 24/7 basis. This ensures the most responsive of services and gives property owners the solutions they need for blocked drains, and always at the times where they need them the most.


There are several factors for home and business owners to consider before calling us for clearance services, CCTV drain surveys or drain lining installations:

The Location of the Problem


Knowing where the issue lies is the first step towards clearing blocked drains or, in a more extreme case, making appropriate recommendations for repair work. Outside drains most often block from autumn and winter debris, such as dead leaves, or tree roots breaking through the pipework walls to create a dam-like effect that stops the flow of water.


Inside blockages at properties in Barnet are usually the result of somebody flushing material into the system that should really be disposed of in a bin. Our plumbers often encounter blocked drains caused by nappies, wet wipes, paper towels and sanitary products.


Even hair can cause blocked drains.


In most cases, First Choice Drainage Solutions clears blocked drains in Barnet at the first attempt using rods or high-pressure jet washers. If we can’t locate or clear a blockage manually, our drainage consultants perform a CCTV drain survey. This detailed investigative service goes right into the heart of the system to check pipework and drain lining condition.

Blockage Prevention


Avoid the financial burden of blocked drains, CCTV drains surveys, pipework repairs and drain lining installations by taking preventative steps as part of a daily household routine. Be more reactive to what enters the drainage system by learning about the materials you can flush down a toilet and also about those that need placing into a bin or a similar receptacle.


Also, be aware of the symptoms of a blockage:


  • Water backing up into toilets, sinks, basins, baths and overflows
  • Standing or pooling water around outside drainage points
  • A foul smell to water, especially around plugholes
  • Leaks around walls, ceilings and the main roofing structure
  • Damage to electrical wiring, electrical fittings and electrical fixtures



Start the road to a cleaner drainage system at your Barnet home by monitoring what goes into the drainage system. Most plumbers and drainage consultants see examples of food blockages several times a week, either by visual inspection, manual removal or a CCTV drain survey. Scrape plates clean into a bin before washing by hand or loading up the dishwasher.


Use a good quality detergent for washing plates and cutlery. The better brands break down the greases and oils derived from cooking to stop them from building up in the drains.


Also, never pour oil from pans or fryers into the system to avoid blocked drains. Pour into an empty jar or container instead. Let the oil cool then throw everything away in the bin. If you do pour oil into the drainage system, give sinks and plug holes a blast of cold water. This stops the grease in oil from solidifying and clinging to the pipework walls or to drain linings.



Keep a separate bin in the bathroom for nappies, facial wipes, sanitary towels and cotton wool. These are further examples of non-acceptable waste and the things our plumbers find as frequent causes for blocked drains. Keep an eye out for hair too, and maybe purchase some strainers for your plugholes. Most discount shops in the Barnet area sell these now.


Look out for hair pins too. Our plumbers and drainage consultants frequently find a build-up of pins in U-bend that are too heavy to flush further into the drainage system.


Even the conservative use of toilet paper helps to keep a drainage system clear.


Even when foreign objects disappear from sight after flushing a toilet or washing a basin, their density leaves them sitting in the pipework or the drain lining. The more homeowners flush contaminants into a system, the sooner they accumulate to cause a blockage.

Outdoor Drains


Sweep the garden of your Barnet property more regularly, especially in the autumn when there are more dead leaves on the ground, to avoid blocked drains. We recommend putting green waste into a suitable receptacle for removal or to start composting because this has more environmental benefits and keeps leaves contained to the inside of a dedicated bin.


This should resolve most issues but small amounts of autumn and winter debris could still enter the drainage system to cause a blockage that’s not easy to locate or to move.


This is the ideal time to call in our drainage consultants for a CCTV drain survey. Innovative equipment reaches deep into the system to locate blockages, grease build-up and instances of damage caused by tree roots. In many cases, we can resolve damage to the system with a new drain lining membrane without having to excavate lawn space, gardens or driveways.

For all minor issues in Barnet, our plumbers use traditional removal techniques.

For more advice on blocked drains, call 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522. Our plumbers and drainage consultants cover the whole of the Barnet area.

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