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The Benefits of a CCTV Drain Survey in Bayswater

There are many reasons for our domestic and commercial clients in Bayswater to experience damaged or blocked drains but we can easily identify the causes behind them with a CCTV drain survey. First Choice Drainage Solutions employs plumbers, technicians and drainage consultants. All personnel have qualifications for their respective trades and the training required to use the latest technology, investigative equipment and drain lining membranes.


A CCTV drain survey is one of the most effective ways to determine the extent of damage in underground pipework. Most property owners in Bayswater come to us when they have issues with blocked drains but never really know if the problem is a significant one or not.


If our plumbers can’t resolve blocked drains with rods, jet washers or electromagnetic equipment, we send in our drainage consultants to perform a full CCTV drain survey.

Fast and Efficient Inspections


Blocked drains sometimes create an overflow of stagnant water contaminated with sewage. Time is of the essence when it comes to getting the problem sorted. We insert a fibre-optic cable into the underground drainage system of your Bayswater property, and connect state-of-the-art camera equipment to an above-ground monitor. From here, our trained drainage consultants assess the situation based on live video footage fed back from the camera.


We specialise in same-day and emergency services, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Customers and clients can rely on our plumbers and our drainage consultants to provide detailed reports from CCTV drain surveys quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Accurate Visual Analysis


Because of the different sources that cause blocked drains, such as structural damage, tree root ingress or a build-up of silt, CCTV drain surveys prove to be an essential measure for plumbers and drainage consultants alike. This innovative technology helps us to identify the exact reason behind the blockage so that our technicians can apply the best solution.


New drain linings fix cracked or broken pipes while rods, electromagnetic tooling and water jetting equipment all help in removing blockages, silt residues and debris. We compile a full written report with drain mapping, a recorded DVD and still images from the inspection.

Less Need for Excavation


CCTV drain surveys limit the amount of disruption at Bayswater properties. The drainage system and the pipework run below gardens to the building. A CCTV drain survey collects visual data and helps us to decide if excavation is necessary. Often, the results will tell our plumbers and drainage consultants how to repair damage without having to excavate.

Naturally, this minimises disruption at your home or business.


Rodding techniques, safe chemical treatments and high-pressure jet washers require no excavation. Blocked drains resulting from wear or structural damage often benefit from a new drain lining, a restorative method that also needs no excavation or trenching work.



Our plumbers and drainage consultants recommend CCTV drain surveys and drain linings as investigative and remedial measures because they both save valuable time compared to excavating and replacing defected pipework. Live feeds and clear images make it faster, easier and, ultimately, cheaper for Bayswater clients to have their blocked drains cleared.


We offer competitive rates for patch repairs and resin-based drain lining installations.

Renovation Work


If you’ve recently moved into a Bayswater property or plan to buy one on the area, a CCTV drain survey is a useful way to check the condition of pipework, to find any faults that need rectifying and to prevent minor issues from escalating further. In some cases, a survey saves prospective buyers from investing into a property that needs major drainage repair work.

Customers and clients with plans to remodel a kitchen or bathroom should also check the drainage system in advance to ensure everything is ready for a smoother installation.

If you require a CCTV drain survey from professional plumbers and drainage consultants at a property in Bayswater, call 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522.

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