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Blocked Drains in Hackney, Hampstead and the East London Areas

Homeowners and business owners in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and throughout East London experience the frustration of blocked drains for many reasons. These can be due to debris from the local environment or a build-up of improperly disposed of waste. Whatever the reason may be, our drainage consultants are trained to carry out a CCTV drain survey, clear any blockages and install drain lining membranes to prevent any issues getting out of hand. Our clients can rely on an expert plumber from First Choice Drainage Solutions Ltd to determine the problem and fix it post-haste.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Outside Drainage Problems


  • Exterior blocked drains can be the result of fallen leaves and foliage that has collected to cause an obstruction, which is more likely to happen during the autumn months
  • Domestic and commercial properties in greener areas of Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London are susceptible to tree roots growing inside the pipes
  • Another culprit can be silt, which is when drains are clogged with deposits of fine sand or clay. An accumulation of silt is common with shared drainage systems in East London, which can lead to overflowing and flooding

Bathroom or Kitchen Blockages


  • Bathroom drain blockages typically happen when insoluble materials are flushed down toilets or urinals accidentally. Paper towels, wet wipes and sanitary products which should be disposed of in a waste receptacle cause pipes to get clogged. Sinks, baths and showers can often get congested because of hair
  • In the kitchen, blocked drains are likely to be due to pieces of food, oil and grease that are washed down the sink. This can also be the case for remnants of food or other debris left on kitchenware before being loaded into the dishwasher

A plumber or one of our drainage consultants can examine the issue by conducting a CCTV drain survey at your Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell or East London property. From here, we will advise clients on the best course of action, such as high-pressure water jetting and drain lining treatments.

image of a blocked sink drain

Blocked drains in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London that are left unattended without the proper drain lining can cause significant damage to the integrity of your drainage system, requiring plumbers and drainage consultants to undertake costly replacements later.

Solutions for Blocked Drains

At First Choice Drainage Solutions Ltd, clients in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London can rely on our highly-experienced team to undertake any domestic or commercial job. With our glowing accreditations from, Constructionline, and the Water Jetting Association, in addition to our qualifications from the SafeContractor Assessment Schemes, the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and the National Association of Drainage Contractors 768 (NADC) – each registered Gas Safe engineer and plumber will assess the extent of the damage using the latest technology.

Our drainage consultants specialise in administering a CCTV drain survey which allows us to inspect the condition of your drains and pipes, especially when major repairs, such as new drain lining membranes are required. A complete CCTV drain survey includes a comprehensive report and footage of the drain interiors documented on DVD, together with professional recommendations for repairs and drain mapping to outline the layout of your pipework. Once this has been carried out, we can restore blocked drains to their free-flowing, former glory!

Our full-service includes carrying out the following duties at properties in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London:


  • Unblocking drains, drain cleaning, driveway cleaning and root removal services
  • Repairing leaks, burst pipes, guttering and down pipes with drain lining and pipe patch work by a skilled plumber
  • Alleviating flooding and dealing with pump-outs
  • Conducting a CCTV drain survey, high-pressure water jetting, manual steel rodding and excavation work

For assistance with blocked drains from our professional drainage consultants in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London, call 01279 730 828 or 07938 677 991.

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