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Blocked Drains in Clerkenwell and Hampstead | All London Locations Covered

Home and business owners in London, from time to time, all experience the frustration of blocked drains and usually for a variety of reasons. Debris from the local environment or a build-up of waste can affect properties from as far afield as Barnet to Bayswater, Camden to Clerkenwell or Hackney to Hampstead. Whatever the reason might be for blocked drains in your part of North, South, West or East London, we’re only ever a quick phone call away.


In our role as a plumber, we can clear blocked drains using traditional rodding techniques or with a high-pressure jet washer. For more serious issues, we have drainage consultants on our team who can perform a CCTV drain survey. The results of a survey help us to find a resolution for blockages and, if needed, show us where systems require a new drain lining.


The plumbers and drainage consultants at First Choice Drainage Solutions operate in all parts of London and in many locations across the surrounding Home Counties.


Blocked drains are usually the result of one or both of the following:

Outside Drainage Problems


Fallen leaves, foliage and winter debris collect to cause an obstruction, and most frequently cause blocked drains during the autumn and winter months. Some properties, especially those in greener areas of Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead and the surrounding London area, are more susceptible to tree roots breaking through into the pipework walls.


Another cause of outdoor drainage problems is silt, which obstructs pipework with a deposit of fine sand or clay. The accumulation of silt is common with shared drainage systems across the North, South, West and East London areas, and often leads to overflowing and flooding.


Plumbers and drainage consultants examine these issues differently. Plumbers will attempt to use the tools at their disposal to clear the blockage first and, if these prove ineffective, they call in our drainage consultants to perform a CCTV drain survey. A survey often unveils a more complex problem in the system but one we can always deal with as a company.

Kitchen and Bathroom Blockages


In the kitchen, drains block from pieces of food introduced through plugholes when a family cleans the plates, or from oil and grease deposits washed down the sink. It can also be the case that remnants of food left on kitchenware before loading them into the dishwasher find their way into the drainage system. It doesn’t take long for obstructions to build up.


Bathroom blockages typically happen when users flush non-acceptable materials down the toilet accidentally. Paper towels, baby wipes and sanitary products, which need disposing of in a waste receptacle, cause the pipework to clog. Hair frequently contaminates basins, baths and showers. All of these materials are major factors when it comes to blocked drains.


Blocked drains cause significant damage at Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney or Hampstead properties when left unattended, especially to the inner walls and the drain lining.

image of a blocked sink drain

Our plumbers and drainage consultants provide a full investigative service so, irrespective of whether you live in a domestic property in East London or run a successful business in the heart of West London, First Choice Drainage Solutions is here to make sure blocked drains never become a significant problem, and never lead to what will be costlier repair services.

Clearing Blocked Drains

By choosing First Choice Drainage Solutions, customers and clients have a very experienced team at their disposal which can undertake domestic or commercial work on blocked drains anywhere in London and the Home Counties. Typically, a plumber will access different sections of the drainage system through manholes and dislodge the blockage with rods.


In most cases, plumbers retrieve contaminants from blocked drains at the point of access or, if this is impossible, force them further into the system and collect from another manhole.

Rodding is an effective solution for blocked drains but when this method fails to dislodge the cause, we use high-pressure jet washers instead. By spraying into the drainage system at a much higher pressure than a plumber can achieve when trying to force blockages out with a rod, the project rarely requires any further investigation from our drainage consultants.


Jet washing also has the added benefit of removing scale from the drainage walls.

If our plumbers can’t clear the causes behind blocked drains, we can dispatch one of our drainage consultants to administer a CCTV drain survey. We use the most advanced industry equipment to inspect the overall condition of the drainage system and the pipework.


Should the drainage system at any Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead or London property need repairs, we can quote for a replacement drain lining at competitive rates. Don’t forget that in addition to the key service areas mentioned on this page, we also cover all parts of North, South, West and East London as well as the surrounding Home Counties.

We clear blocked drains in Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead and all locations in London. Call First Choice Drainage Solutions on 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522.

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