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Clearances, Surveys and Drain Linings in Clerkenwell

We help domestic customers and commercial clients in Clerkenwell with useful tips on how to check and clear blocked drains at their properties. Sometimes, the property owner can resolve the issue with a quick DIY fix and we’re more than happy to help you save a little money. If you do need a professional analysis, our plumbers and drainage consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deal with the issue on a responsive basis.


First Choice Drainage Solutions offers free advice on clearance and repairs, or can perform a CCTV drain survey in complex cases to see if the system requires a new drain lining.


The information below should be of help if you need to clear blocked drains at your home or business property in Clerkenwell. First Choice Drainage Solutions also offers practical help and advice over the telephone to keep conditions sanitary until our technicians arrive.

Guide to Clearing Blocked Drains

Finding the Source


Customers and clients in Clerkenwell never need to suffer with blocked drains in the vast majority of cases because it’s surprisingly easy to locate most basic blockages. Sinks, basins, toilets, baths and showers that drain slowly, plugholes which have a foul smell and pooling water around outside drains are all clear indicators of a problem with the drainage system.


Before calling our plumbers and drainage consultants, we recommend the following:


  • Switch off appliances and water at source to keep the problem contained
  • Put on protective clothing such as gloves, goggles and waterproof clothing
  • Check drains for obvious signs of a blockage and remove any waste materials


If you are unable to locate the source of the problem during a visual inspection, please call our plumbers and drainage consultants. We’ll arrive at your Clerkenwell property at the earliest opportunity and use conventional methods, such as rods and jet washers, to try and clear the system. These methods work first time on most blocked drains we encounter.


If we can’t shift the blockage, our team conducts a CCTV drain survey and inserts a fibre-optic camera into the system to take a closer look at things. Surveys relay clear images of the underground network and help us to determine the best way of resolving the issue.


CCTV drain surveys also tell us if you need a new drain lining because of structural damage.

Use the Right Equipment


Home and business owners in Clerkenwell can clear blocked drains with the following tools:


  • Drain snakes are long metal cables with augers on the end which attach or grip to obstructions. Use a twisting motion to manoeuvre and remove blockages
  • Drain rods, made from steel or polypropylene, clear blocked drains within vertical and horizontal pipework. Drain rods connect together to create more length and this helps them reach further into the system to move and clear blockages


If you don’t have the tools required to do the job, call in plumber or a drainage technician. If you suspect structural damage, ask our drainage consultants about a CCTV drain survey. A survey will determine whether or not your property needs a replacement drain lining.

Flush the System


After breaking down blockages and removing debris from the system, flush the drains and the pipework with water. A hose is usually effective but if you own a high-pressure jet washer, as many property owners in Clerkenwell do these days, it’s best to use this type of equipment instead because it breaks down remnants further and cleans the pipework walls.


You may need to repeat the process several times. Blocked drains with high volumes of silt tend to obstruct in multiple areas and they may need several separate flushes.


If flushing fails to clear the obstruction, call our plumbers and drainage consultants for a professional opinion. Years of wear and the ingress of tree roots frequently result in damage to the drainage system. A prompt response to a more significant issue could stop the need for excavation work, and the job might need nothing more than a replacement drain lining.

Pipework Condition


Even if water flows smoothly and the issue appears fixed, some customers and clients in Clerkenwell could still need further assistance from our plumbers and drainage consultants. If blocked drains are a regular occurrence, it always helps to have a professional opinion. First Choice Drainage Solutions checks the condition of systems using a CCTV drain survey.


The survey shows us if there is any extensive work needed, such as a drain lining installation or replacement work. It also helps in preventing costlier issues from arising in the future.

Our Professional Service

  • We have accredited plumbers with Gas Safe registration on our team
  • Our company responds to emergency callouts on a 24/7 basis
  • Use our drainage consultants for an initial site inspection without charge
  • Arrange a CCTV drain survey in Clerkenwell for a more thorough analysis
  • Make us your #1 choice for clearances, repairs and drain lining installations

For more advice on blocked drains from drainage consultants covering the entire Clerkenwell area, call

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