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Drain Lining in Hackney, Hampstead and the East London Areas

If you’re suffering from damaged pipes at your Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell or East London property, our drainage consultants provide effective remedies with drain lining installations. At First Choice Drainage Solutions Ltd, a skilled domestic and commercial plumber will fully inspect any blocked drains and carry out repairs, clearances and cleaning treatments to restore the flow of your water. Depending on the age and condition of the pipework, a drain lining membrane may be the ideal choice.

Drain Lining Techniques

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To minimise hassle and disruption, we endeavour to carry out fast and efficient internal repair services, which requires little or no excavation to access pipes at your Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell or East London premises. This is ideal for drains which are situated in harder to reach areas, running underneath the building itself.

Leaks and burst pipes can be due to blocked drains, root ingress or deteriorated components, which can easily be fixed by a plumber. Our expert team will recommend installing polyester resin-based felt drain lining or undertaking patch work repairs to effectively mend cracks, displaced joints and collapsed pipes, preventing long-term decay.


Firstly, one of our drainage consultants will visit your Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell or East London property to carry out an initial survey. Due to potential limitations, such as the condition and location of your pipes, we offer a free site visit for all our domestic and commercial clients. If a drain lining treatment is essential, we will provide a free quote for a drain lining installation, based on pipes ranging from 100mm to 600mm in diameter. Smaller patching techniques are suited to problematic areas of your pipes, measuring 50mm to 100mm in length.

Cured in Place (CIP) Drain Lining

Our drainage consultants use Cured-in-Place (CIP) drain lining membranes which are made from a non-woven polyester-based felt resin which is highly durable to withstand the internal water pressure, without becoming dislodged or eroded. The drain lining resin is mixed with a chemical curing catalyst, which can be activated by heat from water, steam, UV applications.

Interior CIP drain lining and pipe patchwork is an ideal way to fix damaged pipes because the polyester-based resin creates a resilient tube-within-a-tube form of protection. The drain lining is inserted into the affected pipes by being pulled or winched inside. Once the membrane is in place, our drainage consultants inflate it against the pipe walls using compressed air or water. After the drain lining has been installed, the drainage at your Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London property will immediately be improved.

Here is how CIP drain lining installations and repairs carried out by a plumber will restore faulty pipes:


  • Complete or patch repair work can be applied to foul drains, storm drains and stack pipes, reducing internal and external leaks
  • Problematic roots will be removed and capped to prevent further damage
  • Pitch fibre pipes will be repaired and reinforced
  • Disused or surplus pipe connections will be sealed
  • Corrosion and a build-up of silt, scale and sludge will be cleared

For more advice from a plumber about drain lining installations at your property in Hackney, Hampstead, Bayswater, Clerkenwell and East London, call 01279 730 828 or 07938 677 991.

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