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Drain Lining in Hampstead, Hackney and all London Areas

Wherever in London you happen to live or work, be it Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney or Hampstead, our plumbers and drainage consultants are here to provide the services you need. Drain lining installations are an excellent option for North, South, West and East London properties with damage to underground pipework caused by age or root intrusion.


First Choice Drainage Solutions dispatches plumbers to inspect blocked drains and to carry a series of manual clearance treatments which restore the flow of water to the system.


On the rare occasions where a plumber can’t clear an obstruction, or in instances where our tradesmen suspect something more serious to be wrong, we send out drainage consultants to perform CCTV drain surveys. Depending on the age and the condition of the network, a drain lining installation might be a better repair choice than a complete pipe replacement.

The Purpose of Drain Lining

Blocked drains, root ingress and deterioration all have an impact on the integrity of the drainage system but our personnel can usually provide customers with a cost-effective repair. We recommend polyester resin-based felt drain linings. We use drain linings to repair cracks, to seal displaced joints and to rectify minor collapses in the underground network.

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To minimise disruption, we offer a fast and efficient internal repair service that requires very little excavation or none at all. This makes our services ideal for drainage systems in the North, South, West and East London areas in hard-to-reach areas, especially those which run below the building and would require major upheaval to perform a full replacement.

Importantly, a new lining helps in preventing further long-term deterioration.


Initially, our drainage consultants will visit properties in Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead, East London and all parts of the capital to carry out an initial CCTV drain survey. Due to potential limitations on what we can do, such as the condition and the location of pipework, we offer free initial site visits to domestic customers and commercial clients.


If we think a drain lining treatment is essential, First Choice Drainage Solutions provides a free quotation for the installation based on specifications ranging from 100mm to 600mm in diameter. Small patching techniques suit problematic areas in 50mm to 100mm diameters.

Cured-in-Place (CIP) Drain Lining

Our drainage consultants use Cured-in-Place (CIP) drain lining membranes made from non-woven polyester-based felt resins which are durable enough to withstand internal water pressures without becoming dislodged or eroded. We mix the drain lining resin with a chemical curing catalyst which activates by heat during water, steam and UV applications.

Interior CIP drain lining installations and pipe patchwork repairs are ideal for fixing damaged pipework because polyester-based resins create resilient tube-within-a-tube protective layers. The drain lining inserts into affected pipework by pulling or winching from the inside.

With the membrane in place, we inflate it against the pipework walls using compressed air or water. After installing drain linings, systems at properties in the Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead and East London areas, as well as those across the capital and the surrounding Home Counties, immediately improve and maintain integrity over many years.

Typical benefits of a drain lining installation include:


  • Complete or patched repair work on foul drains, storm drains and stack pipes
  • Reduction of internal and external leaks
  • Problematic roots removed and capped to prevent further damage
  • Pitch fibre pipes repaired and reinforced
  • Disused or surplus pipe connections sealed
  • Corrosion and the build-up of silt, scale and sludge cleared to restore water flow

We conduct drain lining installations in Bayswater, Clerkenwell, Hackney, Hampstead and all locations in London. Call First Choice Drainage Solutions on 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522.

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