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Plumber in Enfield | Signs of a Damaged Drain

How do you know if recurrent blocked drains have caused damage to the system? Do the drains at your home need repairs or a new drain lining? How can a CCTV drain survey help in finding potential problems? Where can you find a reputable company of plumbers and drainage contractors in the Enfield area? What can you do to prevent further problems in the future? What are the most common causes for blocked drains and why do they happen?


This page provides the answers you need for a fast and effective resolution.


At First Choice Drainage Solutions, we understand the worries you might have about the drainage system at your Enfield home, especially concerns over money, health risks and the transfer of bacteria. If you suspect an issue, it’s always best to get the opinion of trained plumbers and drainage consultants who can suitably advise you on what to do next.


In some cases, some basic manual work restores the system’s integrity. In others, a CCTV drain survey could reveal the need for a suitable remedy such as a drain lining membrane.

Poor Drainage and Backing Up


These are the most common symptoms behind blocked drains for many of our customers in the Enfield area. More often than not, this is the first indication of a decline in the drainage system’s condition. A plumber might identify a small blockage quite quickly and resolve it in a matter of minutes, but these warning signs sometimes point to something more serious.


This is where our drainage consultants step in with CCTV drain surveys. Poor drainage could indicate a collapse in the system that requires a major repair or a new drain lining.

Dampness and Mould


When a collapse happens, or when tree roots around the system of your Enfield property breach the pipework walls, blockages and water flows into the surrounding land. Both of these issues lead to dampness and mould spreading into the home. With the potential health risks associated with mould, it’s never a good thing to ignore any warning signs.


It is in instances like these that plumbers and drainage consultants really begin to earn their money. Blocked drains resulting from any type of structural damage require a prompt CCTV drain survey, a detailed report and professional recommendations for repairs.


Subject to the condition of the system at your Enfield home, we can install drain linings to save you money on costlier excavation, trenching and replacement methods.



Bad smells frequently indicate blocked drains but may also be one of the earliest symptoms of damage. If you smell sewage outside of your Enfield home, especially near the drains, or even inside when water backs up, ask a plumber to look at the system. Sometimes, home remedies do little more than move the problem further down into the drainage network.


When rodding and high-pressure jet washers fail in shifting and removing a blockage, the problem points to something more serious within the pipework or even with a drain lining fitted in the past. This is when you need to arrange a survey with our drainage consultants.


A CCTV drain survey unveils issues that a standard visual inspection cannot.

Cracks and Subsidence


Damaged pipework below the structural points of a property could lead to cracks on the floors and the walls. This type of damage occurs only when the homeowner ignores signs of a possible collapse over a long period of time. This is why we always stress the importance of a fast response to blocked drains. Never sit back and ignore a potential problem.


Our plumbers and drainage contractors have already witnessed many instances of major structural damage to homes in the Enfield area caused by long-term issues such as these.


If a drainage system runs below a driveway or a garage, you might see cracks in the concrete or the movement of paving materials. Resurfacing won’t cure the underlying cause of those cracks, and any attempt to apply a fix will nearly always result in a future reoccurrence.

Arrange a CCTV drain survey at the earliest available opportunity and protect the structural integrity of your Enfield property. Because our company specialises in the installation of drain linings, we can often resolve cracking and subsidence issues using a membrane.


Compared to the cost of replacing entire sections of pipework, drain linings provide a more cost-effective option without the invasive excavation so many homeowners prefer to avoid.

For more advice on blocked drains, call 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522. Our plumbers and drainage consultants cover the whole of the Enfield area.

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