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Drainage Consultants in Hackney | Common Drainage Issues

It’s easy to spot leaks, burst pipes and blocked drains. Identifying problems at the earliest opportunity saves home and business owners in Hackney from having to deal with extensive issues further down the line. The drainage consultants at First Choice Drainage Solutions Ltd offer expert advice and perform inspections using innovative CCTV drain survey equipment.


This equipment helps us to implement long-term solutions such as drain lining installations. If you suffer from regular problems with blocked drains, we have plumbers and technicians available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as part of our service range.

Blocked drains and systems affect the integrity of Hackney properties if left unattended. The services of professional plumbers and drainage consultants provide assistance for domestic and commercial clients who need to resolve issues and restore cleaner sanitary conditions.


Below, we look at some of the common symptoms behind drainage issues:

Slow Draining Water


If the water takes a while to drain from a sink, basin, toilet, bath or shower, this indicates a blocked drain or an obstruction in the pipework of your Hackney property; most likely in one of the U-bends. If a drain cleaning product or a plunger doesn’t restore the normal flow of water, a professional plumber on our team can investigate to see what needs fixing.


It may be that the system needs clearing with rods, electromagnetic equipment or a high-pressure jet washer, or that the problem might require a prompt CCTV drain survey.


Unpleasant Odours


Overflowing drains can produce odours and standing water outside your Hackney home or business. Odours often reach the kitchen and bathroom plug holes too. Foul smells can be a sign that waste water isn’t flowing as it should be, and could be causing blocked drains. If you fail to act, the problem often leads to structural subsidence over longer periods of time.


Subsidence doesn’t have to be an issue if our drainage consultants find the cause of the problem quickly through a CCTV drain survey, and arrange for a new drain lining installation.

Strange Sounds


Banging and gurgling noises from pipework, fixtures, drain holes or plug holes are the result of air obstruction caused by blockages in the system. If you feel unsure as to what is causing these sounds after attempting to clear a blockage, arrange for our drainage consultants to carry out a CCTV drain survey in case your property has suffered significant system damage.


Customers and clients in the Hackney area never have to worry about anything to do with blocked drains, especially noises. We respond to their needs at the earliest opportunity.


Cracked Pipes


Tree root ingress and ground movement cause stress on the drainage system. Both issues result in blocked drains, flooding and overflowing. Damage to the drain linings lead to leaks and the saturation of the surrounding area, often creating unstable movements. Our plumbers and drainage consultants advise Hackney clients on the best possible resolution.


We patch faulty pipework or fit polyester resin-based felt drain linings to protect the interior walls from further erosion and leaks. A CCTV drain survey conducted by certified drainage consultants provides a detailed report with footage on DVD or still photography on SD card.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains


  • Leaves, dirt and debris from the outside of Hackney properties
  • Tree roots penetrating through the pipework walls
  • Accumulated hair in bath, basin and sink plug holes
  • Household materials such as paper towels or sanitary products
  • Items flushed accidentally including children’s toys
  • Silt, a residue of sand, soil and clay particles, in outdoor drains


Drains and pipes decay with age or from the corrosive elements in the original installation, especially at older period properties in the Hackney area with iron or pitch fibre pipework. Systems without a protective drain lining crack, burst and, ultimately, collapse inwards.


To avoid structural damage and the risk of costly excavation work, ask our plumbers or our drainage technicians to investigate any issues, or arrange for our drainage consultants to perform a CCTV drain survey. Blocked drains never have to be a major problem unless the property owner fails to act quickly. We respond to your needs on a genuine 24/7 basis.

For advice on how to clear blocked drains in Hackney and the surrounding areas, call our plumbers and drainage consultants on 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522.

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