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Drain Lining in Hillingdon | Drain Repair and Replacement

The services of our plumbers and drainage consultants help those with significant issues in their underground network, either a leak, a collapse deeper into the system or something as simple as blocked drains. First Choice Drainage Solutions, located in Harlow, covers the whole of London and understands how challenging it is for customers in Hillingdon to understand the key differences between a drainage repair and a drainage replacement.


Hillingdon is one of our key services areas. The plumbers and technicians on our team deal with day-to-day issues such as minor leaks, burst pipes and blocked drains. Our drainage consultants take care of more significant matters and, in particular, the CCTV drain surveys that indicate whether or not drain lining might be a better option than replacing the pipe.


There are significant benefits to both repairs and replacements, and one or two drawbacks with each of these services too. The overview below should be of some assistance to you.

Drain Lining


In the vast majority of cases, plumbers can clear blocked drains using the more traditional methods available to them, such as connectable rods and high-pressure jet washing systems. More complex issues require the attention of our drainage consultants. The results of a CCTV drain survey provide the information required to decide between a new drain lining and replacing the pipework at your Hillingdon property using excavation techniques.


The drain lining is the physical membrane used by our team. The process itself, referred to as drain relining, begins with our plumbers and drainage technicians descaling the section they eventually line. They do this using electromechanical equipment and high-pressure jet washing machinery. This prepares the pipework for the addition of the drain lining.


We install the drain lining using an inflated membrane which cures in around three hours, and remove the inflation tube before cleaning the repaired section of excess resin.


Customers in the Hillingdon area benefit from cheaper repairs with no disruptive excavation and the experience of drainage consultants who manage the project from start to finish. A new drain lining is the easiest, most cost-effective repair solution and one of the best ways to resolve ongoing problems with blocked drains caused by damage, cracks and subsidence.


During a relining project, you will not have access to facilities for a short while.

Drain Replacement


Drain lining describes the process used by our plumbers and technicians very well. A drain replacement does exactly the same thing and involves the removal of the damaged section by excavation and replacing it. Some blocked drains are the result of a long-term problem or the ingress of tree roots into the draining system as they grow. While invasive, the best plumbers and drainage technicians limit the amount of disruption to driveways and gardens.


Ahead of deciding on a replacement, our drainage consultants visit your Hillingdon property to perform a CCTV drain survey. This involves the recording of live footage from the inside of the drainage system, relayed to a monitor, using a camera attached to fibre-optic cable.


This is the most innovative equipment available in our industry.


Compared to the use of a drain lining, replacement tends to be a more expensive, lengthier option but it does offer a long-term repair solution that could last a lifetime. A drain lining still lasts for many years but, eventually, they do wear down and this restores the original problem. Your budget could ultimately dictate which of these services you want to use.


The results of the CCTV drain survey helps our drainage consultants to find other issues within the system and sometimes, it’s more cost-effective for our Hillingdon customers to have the pipework replaced completely than it is to have individual sections relined.

For more advice on blocked drains, call 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522. Our plumbers and drainage consultants cover the whole of the Hillingdon area.

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