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CCTV Drain Survey in Watford | Full Investigative Services

We realise that our valued customers in the Watford area won’t have too big an interest in blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys or drain lining techniques unless they happen to be plumbers or drainage consultants themselves. If something goes wrong with the system, however, drainage suddenly becomes a hot topic. Blocked drains, leaks, cracks and collapses lead homeowners into the unknown, leaving them with questions that need a quick answer.


Where can I find plumbers to check for a blockage? Are drainage consultants expensive if there’s a bigger issue? Which repair service should I choose? Can I claim for work through my insurance company? Will I receive the correct advice from a service provider?


At First Choice Drainage Solutions, giving the best advice to our Watford customers is all part of the service. Based in Harlow, we have easy access into the rest of Hertfordshire. We don’t mind if you need a simple clearance service, a CCTV drain survey, a report to help decide on buying property or a new drain lining to repair the system after a collapse.


It’s more important to us that you, the client, always feel satisfied when you use our team.

Blocked Drains | The Possible Causes


It makes sense that blocked drains at your Watford property will cause concern. We’re homeowners too and we know how frustrating it is when something out of the ordinary happens. That’s why we have plumbers and drainage technicians available on a 24/7 basis to visit you on a responsive basis, and to deal with issues using traditional industry methods.


First Choice Drainage Solutions clears most blocked drains easily using rods or jet washers but sometimes, a blockage is the first indication of a more serious problem.


Ground movement, freezing, melting, age and root ingress all contribute to drain collapses. A collapse is a major problem and something most plumbers might struggle to deal with. Because we cover the Watford area as drainage consultants too, First Choice Drainage Solutions can perform an investigative CCTV drain survey to establish the original cause.


From there, we’ll make an appropriate recommendation for repairs based on a detailed report supported by DVD footage and still photographs on an SD card.

CCTV Drain Surveys | Investigation and Procedure

Our company approaches all blocked drains in much the same way. Initially, we dispatch plumbers and drainage technicians to your Watford property and have them perform a visual inspection of the system through manholes and drainage points. If the blockage looks to be a minor problem, our personnel use rods or jet washers to not only clear it, but to also manipulate it to a manhole point where they can remove it completely from the system.


If this doesn’t work, we arrange for our drainage consultants to visit your home.


Our drainage consultants use innovative CCTV drain survey technology comprised of a camera attached to fibre-optic cable, and feed the equipment into the system at a manhole point. The cable unfurls along the length of the system and the camera relays images back to onsite recording equipment above the ground. This is the basis of the survey.


We can perform CCTV drain surveys in PVC, DWV or ABS systems, and also in those which already have a drain lining fitted from a previous repair project.


After analysis of the recordings at our office in Harlow, our drainage consultants revisit our Watford customers with the report, the footage and the photographs. These are the three key elements which identify the core reasons behind blocked drains and whether or not there’s a serious issue for the homeowner (or the business owner) to worry about.

When a home or business needs major repairs, we discuss the available options. Wherever possible, we’ll recommend a new drain lining membrane because this option delivers the best combination of price, value and structural integrity. It is also a service our plumbers and drainage technicians can provide for you without you having to find another company.


If the CCTV drain survey reveals a complete collapse of the system, a drain lining won’t be strong enough to restore full integrity. It might for a short while, but it won’t be long before you experience blocked drains in the future once the new drain lining collapses too.


In the event of a complete collapse at your Watford property, our drainage consultants could suggest excavation and the full replacement of the damaged drainage system.

For more advice on blocked drains, call 01279 730828 or 0800 002 9522. Our plumbers and drainage consultants cover the whole of the Watford area.

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