If you are unsure about what is involved during a drain test, we have put together a guide to help you understand our core tests...

Drainage pipe Air Test

This test is for single pipes or individual drain runs. The air pressure test is effective, but it can only be used to test a length of a drain that can be capped at both ends.

Drain pipe Water Drop Test

This is a test for complete drainage systems including chambers and gullies. This is a more involved test; it can be used to test a whole drainage system, even gullies and chambers.

How an Air Test Works

Firstly plugs are inserted in order to isolate the section of pipework that is being tested. Using a drain pressure gauge, the pressure is set to 110mm head for 5 minutes. Next, the pressure is adjusted to a 100 mm head reading of the pressure gauge and after 5 minutes any change in the head is measured. By monitoring how much the pressure in the pipe is lost over a given time we can determine if repairs are required.

How a Water Drop Test Works

The ‘drop’ test is a low-pressure method of drain testing. It works by isolating the downstream end of the drain with a bung, before filling the pipe with water and monitoring the water levels either at a manhole or a pipe access point over a given time period.

By filling a chamber to the top with water, no additional pressure should be imposed during this water-drop test. There is a permissible leakage amount over a 10 minute period (this value varies depending on the length and diameter of the pipe) However, if there is damage to the property as a result of a leak, there is a problem regardless.

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